Our first ‘Son’ – Sonny (Our Dog)

“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.” ― Marilyn Monroe


Sonny is a member of our family. Doug and I got him while I was pregnant with our first son, Stirling. Sonny is 4.5 years old. He is a toy Australian Shepherd so he is incredibly smart and athletic but he only weights about 10 lbs (great travel size). He is the kind of dog that will look like a puppy his whole life.

Sonny knows tons of tricks (just ask Doug to show you). But most of all he loves his frisbee! Whether it is the beach or the park, there is always a crowd around him watching in amazement. He is such a show off and always puts on a great show. He doesn’t seem to be satisfied until there are applauds for his every catch! He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and would lick you to death if you would let him.

Now that we have 2 small boys, Sonny gets constant attention. The boys love when we all go to the park or beach and they get to show off their incredible dog. Come say hi if you see Sonny in action.


Most common questions we get regarding Sonny:

What kind of dog is that?
A toy-sized Australian Shepherd

Is he a puppy?
No, he is full grown. Like I said, he is toy sized.

How did you teach him to catch the Frisbee?
Ask Doug, he is the trick master.

Does he ever get tired?
Not really, no. He can go for hours…especially at the beach. He will jump into the ocean to cool off and always bring the frisbee back for more. Australian Shepherds are bred to keep up with horses and need a really good workout every day.

Is he good with kids?
Australian Shepherds are not known for being the greatest for kids, however Sonny is the exception. As a puppy we took him everywhere with us and that got him really socialized. He loves people is an absolute gentleman with kids of all ages. (as long as you don’t mind being licked)

Why doesn’t he have a tail?
Some Aussies are born without a tail, but most are docked. I hear it was used as identification of the dog for ranchers. Now it’s just so cute how they wag their whole butt.

Can I buy him from you?
No, get your own.

Where can I get one?
We got Sonny from a breeder in Santa Barbara called Timeless Aussies. They are raised in this incredible ranch by a woman named Karen Keller. She is probably the best breeder in the country of mini and toy Aussies.

Sonny as a puppy




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