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  • Lydia
    I’m a big fan of yours primarily for exactly this: you are a down to earth, realistic and genuine human being. I like the way the crowd is turning in your favor lately! You should see if Bravo will let you put these on their site too! I think it would help a lot of people to get to know you a little better. But again, you really seem too nice for this crowd. As much as I like you, I think you should run from this show before it wrecks your life or changes you! I hope for neither..but it seems to be inevitable. :)

    Good luck


  • Love that you take the time to answer questions. I love the way you dress on the show. I love to dress kind of casual, cute and comfortable. I have a youtube channel “Darkberry32″. I would like to know what is your favorite store to shop or do you perfer to shop online. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Lydia, just wanted to say I love your mom thinks she is perfect just the way she is, the world needs more great energy just like her, you two are great additions to the show, your positive energy is so refreshing.God bless all your endevors.

    Mary :-)

  • Lydia, I was moved by your relationship with your mother. Growing up with an addict or alcoholic is something that hits home for me. My mother is an alcoholic. I even wrote a book about it, Understanding The Fall, and have appeared on Dr. Drew as well as performed readings of it in recovery houses and juvenile halls across Los Angeles. I understood your desire for your mother to be a sober grandmother. At 79 years old my mom got sober and she is a miracle. Her relationship to my daughter is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing you and your mother’s story. I hope she stays sober. Miracles happen every day.

  • Do you highlight or color your hair? What Hair products do you use to keep it so healthy and thick? Don’t tell me it’s just good hair genes… I need hope!!! Thank you!

    P.S. My favorite new housewife.

  • I can’t thank you enough for being open and honest about the devotionals you read and the scripture you quoted. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear that from someone in the spotlight. God has a purpose for you on that show!

  • Lydia, you are my favorite housewife and your outlook on everything and love for life is so refreshing. I love how happy you are and I can truly tell that you have a good heart. You are so classy and handle yourself very well when tension among the other women rises. I have enjoyed getting to know you so far and will continue watching you on the show! Woohoo!

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